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On March 17th to 19th, SolarTech Indonesia 2022 took place at Jakarta international Expo (JIExpo) Kemayoran, which is the most prospective one-stop exhibition for solar power organized by Subsidiary of GEMISEN Group. The exhibition attracted more than 25000 trade & professional visitors and over 100 global famous PV manufacturers which achieved great success.

The Indonesian market consists of thousands of islands and relatively weak power grids, which do require supplements from green energy and getting rid from the dependence on traditional energy.

The most important points of concern in the Indonesia PV market are safety and easy maintenance. The features that the market gives prime importance to is, if the system can meet the normal operation conditions under high temperature and humidity, because it’s vulnerable to extreme heat. Most of the visitors are interested in PV solutions of floating and off-grid PV system and the function of connecting to diesel generators.  

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GoodWe is committed to the Indonesian market

In response to these characteristics, GOODWE TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. actively participated in the exhibition with 36 ㎡booth and brought a series of portfolios and solutions to Indonesia as its first foray. The solutions encompassing three areas: Energy storage system, PV solutions for commercial and utility scale, ranging from 5 kW to 250 kW, boasting multiple MPPTs. The string inverter solution GoodWe supplied with unrivalled technical expertise and optimized design is an ideal match to the Indonesia market, as the high protection capability and the execution under high temperature environment.

In addition to the comprehensive PV solutions, GoodWe also prepared interesting activities and customized porcelain gifts to our visitors. With the support from local distributor 7 Energi, who are highly recognized in Indonesia, GoodWe booth finally reached 10,000+ visitors during the three days and gained the most attention and buzz at the exhibition, which achieved great success and will be a positive foreshadowing for GoodWe to support Indonesia solar market.

“W” gesture is eye-catching landscape on GoodWe booth

GoodWe also promoted the “Win-Win” game on the booth while pursuing the value of “Win together”, which is aligned with the principle GoodWe always insists, winning together with partners all round the world, to promote a flourishing renewable energy industry and create a sustainable future for the Earth, humanity, and future generations.

“We feel honored to join the meaningful game, this is an important signal that GoodWe has sent a clear and positive message to the community that they trust in the power of WE after their brand upgrading, this time we cooperated with GoodWe to provide practical PV solutions to Indonesia market through SOLARTECH Expo, Indonesia is a market in dire need of energy transition. ” said Sebastian Kevin, business director of 7 energi Indonesia. 

Diverse and customized photovoltaic solutions

  • Energy storage Solution with off-grid function: The GoodWe ET series is a three-phase high voltage energy storage inverter that enables enhanced energy independence and maximizes self-consumption through an export limit feature and time of use shifts for reduced electricity bills, ensure power safety during an outage, take smart control of home power management, and realize energy independence.
  • Commercial & Industry Scale MT series for factory/hospital/school rooftops: GoodWe MT series inverter is suited for medium and large scale commercial rooftops and ground-mounted solar PV systems where maximum versatility and profitability are important. The series provide a 150% continuous maximum AC output power overload, offering a faster return on investment. The start-up voltage is 200 V, much lower than other products, which makes the inverter start up earlier, therefore generating more power over time.
  • Utility Scale products to ensure the lowest LCOE: The GoodWe HT1500V series with an extensive list of features designed to reduce system and O&M costs. It is a perfect choice for the utilization of utility-scale centralized PV plants to maximize the return of investment. The inverter boasts options of 12 MPPTs, power line communication 2.0, and is compatible with bifacial 182mm/210mm modules. It features string level monitoring and incorporated I-V curve diagnosis for intelligent detection of voltage and current issues. The series is also equipped with optional PID recovery function and can realize 24-hour monitoring.

With the successful completion of the exhibition, GoodWe’s mission reached a consensus with Indonesia market, CREATE TOGETHER, WIN TOGETHER. This is just the beginning of win-win story for GoodWe and Indonesia, the story continues and we look forward to see more exciting plots GoodWe can carry to us.


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