Discover the Cost-Effectiveness of Investment at Solar + Storage Asia 2022

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The global warming problem partly derived from fossil-fuel electricity generation and the issue of higher electricity costs could be generally solved if the solar power generation is applied in conjunction with effective energy storage system (ESS) technology at a lower cost and the solar plus storage system is more widely used.

Solar technology and energy storage systems, simply referred to here as Solar + Energy Storage, are keys to changing the way people using energy in the future to cleaner energy, resulting in less emission of greenhouse gas (CO2), among the main factors triggering global warming. The efficient energy storage systems, meanwhile, encourage more stable electricity generation and transmission.

The installation of a photovoltaic system coupled with an energy storage system makes it impossible to worry that at night or in the absence of sunlight there will be no electricity because the energy storage system has the property of being able to store and increase the quality of energy before it is released. This helps to distribute energy to suit the needs. The storage facility fortunately makes it possible to supply electricity for several hours despite no sunlight, with length depending on the efficiency and technology of each system.

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The continued development of energy storage technology is forecasted to result in a 50% increase in the growth rate of the PV power generation industry by 2024. This goal is in line with Thailand’s energy policy and the country’s pledge to promote cleaner energy use to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emission.

Thailand has consistently encouraged solar system installation under the National Energy Plan. The capacity is expected to grow fivefold by the year 2080, the highest among others ASEAN countries. At present, the figure for electricity from solar energy is 345 MW, representing 43.4% of total renewable energy. According to the Ministry of Energy’s 20-year energy policy, the target for total renewable electricity generation is 20 gigawatts, with photovoltaic energy accounting for 45%.

However, many people are still skeptical whether the installing solar and storage system is worth investing in? And if business or a homewants to invest in solar panels to generate electricity and energy storage is used to store backup energy at night or in the absence of sunlight, how much does that reduce the cost of electricity in total?

It is a good time to have the Solar + Storage Asia 2022 trade fair and exhibition between 20-22 September 2022 at the BITEC Bangna Convention and Exhibition Center because people with such above question can easily seek for answers from the event. Endorsed by Thailand’s Ministry of Energy, Solar + Storage Asia 2022, to be held along with other two Asian energy events, SETA 2022 (Sustainable Energy Technology Asia 2022) and Enlit-Asia 2022, is created to be a central platform for power companies, energy storage technology companies and consumers to meet up. More than 400 relevant companies from all over the world are expected to present and exhibit solutions at the events so that prospective clients and consumers can meet to discuss the issues and obstacles, if any, encountering the development of solar power generation.

Suppliers of advanced solar and storage system technologies are available at the forum to answer any question and facilitate any investment decision and transaction.  

The event, organized by Gat International Co., Ltd, is expected to fulfill its major goal that is to get around 15,000 expected attendees to meet with product vendors and solar installers to study the system and find answers to the cost-effectiveness of the investment. In addition, there will be several professional workshops by solar system experts available for interesting participants.

Solar + Storage Asia 2022 is organized in line with Thailand’s National Energy Plan and the latest National Power Development Plan, or PDP2018, that focuses on promoting clean energy and has a clear goal of carbon neutrality. This reflects Thai energy sector’s effort and responsibility on climate change which is a current global threat and people are working all together to address the issue to help the planet to sustain.

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