New milestone for GoodWe, new frontiers for Utility-scale PV

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On November 16, a giant gift with the size of over 30 m³ appears in Guangdong Province, China. This is GoodWe’s first large-scale ground mounted MV Station, which is ready to be delivered to LSS4 project site in Malaysia. GoodWe has dived deeply into achieving technology innovations and providing turnkey solution for utility-scale projects.

GoodWe MV Station mainly consists of high & low voltage cabinets, transformer and containerized enclosure. The enclosure of the MV station is of high ingress protection level up to IP54, and the anti-corrosion level reaches the C4H standard, which is suitable for long-distance ocean transportation. The container has CSC safety certification, fully stackable during ocean transportation, which has greatly reduced freight costs.

The high-voltage cabinets are equipped with a SF6 insulated ring main unit which has voltage level up to 35kV. Compared with the air-insulated switchgear, it is of compact structure and smaller volume, which greatly reduces the space requirement inside the container, making the overall size of the cabinets smaller, reducing the footprint of the MV station.

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In addition to the main Air Circuit Breaker and Molded Case Circuit Breaker, the low-voltage cabinets are also equipped with monitoring and control devices to transmit the MV Station operation data to customer power plant control system in real time. It is also equipped with Auxiliary Transformer, UPS and sockets to facilitate maintenance and repairing.

The MV Station is equipped with large-capacity oil-immersed three-phase transformer, using low-loss high-quality silicon steel and wires, customized design, to make the transformer highly  efficient low in noise and compact to fit into a 20 feet container.

The transformer and MV / LV cabinets are pre-assembled and fully connected in the factory. Once the MV Station is on project site, clients just need to put it on foundation, connecting HV and LV cables, then it can be put into operation through very simple commissioning, it will greatly reduce manpower and the overall commissioning cycle time to minimize human effort on site.

In August 2022, the successful bidders of Malaysia LSS4 tender will have their power purchase agreements (PPAs) extended by four years, from 2021 to 2025.

“The overall solution is of great significance to GoodWe, allowing it to qualitatively improve the comprehensive strength of ground power stations and rank among the forefront of the industry. GoodWe is honored to support the Malaysia LSS4 projects and thanks to customers’ trust. In future, GoodWe will also live up to expectations, continue to bring more reliable smart energy solutions to customers with high-quality products and services.” said Jell Jiang, Business Director of GoodWe Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

In recent years, GoodWe has built its corporate reputation by achieving sustainable growth in every market it operates in. With a long-standing strong presence in the solar market, GoodWe PV inverters have seen an accumulative installation of 35 GW in more than 100 countries. This time’s large-scale ground-mounted MV station delivery, not only makes a new milestone for GoodWe in the utility sector, but also shows a step closer to the overall solution capability, GoodWe will provide more value and deeply empower the world.