note: filed photo from Sungrow's Website
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Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, announced the company forged a contract to supply its latest ultra-powerful string inverter SG350HX to a 45.75 MW PV project for Jubail 3A Independent Water Plant (IWP) in Saudi Arabia, meeting the buoyant electricity demand for the desalination plant and supporting Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan.

Saudi Arabia is one of the driest countries in the world and 70% of the residents’ drinking water comes from desalinated seawater. It’s also one of the hottest solar hubs due to ample sunshine, offering a more sustainable option for water desalination when powered by PV.

The Jubail 3A IWP is expected to begin commercial operation in Q4 2022 and will generate 600,000 cubic meters of potable water per day. This operation will greatly contribute to the water demand of millions of households and Saudi Arabian efforts to ensure water security.

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As a carbon-free electrical facility, the 45.75 MW PV plant is very high profile. It is located near the Persian Gulf, which is subject to harsh conditions including high heat, high salt spray, and frequent sandstorms. Sungrow’s flagship 1500V string inverter SG320HX to be installed features optimal durability given the IP66 protection capability and C5 anti-corrosion level. In addition, the 670Wp large-format modules (LFM) adopted in the project set more stringent requirements for inverters. The SG320HX is compatible with the LFM as its maximum input current up to 40A per MPPT; thus, allowing considerable yields by leveraging more sunlight resources onsite.

“It’s of great value for all stakeholders that the water desalination project uses the availability of the Saudi Arabia’s solar resources in order to meet the challenges of water sustainability. As part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan, the Jubail 3A IWP PV plant will achieve more zero-carbon contributions,” said Alvin Shi, Managing Director of Sungrow MENA region.


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