Sungrow achieves over 1 GW of PV inverter shipment to Thailand; seeing continued market growth on supportive renewable energy policy

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Sungrow, global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, has achieved a significant milestone as it has successfully shipped 1.1 gigawatts PV inverter and 150 megawatt hours of energy storage system to Thailand, according to Michael Ruan, SEA Sales Director, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. The company is expecting the Thai market to continue to grow, thanks to its promotive renewable energy policy.

Sungrow’s largest market is in the Americas, followed by the Europe. SEA is the emerging and potential market that Sungrow is exploring and advancing onto. 

Michael Ruan, SEA Sales Director, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.

“Sungrow is active in Thai market for more than 8 years. We see that the Thai market is very big and has a high potential for growth,” Michael told Energy News Center at a recent interview.

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“Thailand is considered as a long-term and sustainable market, not only a 1-2 years active market, because the country has a policy that is very supportive for renewable energy,” elaborated Michael.

Michael said that the Thai government’s latest release of renewable power purchasing project under the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme for 2022-2030 is a great advantage for the market. Moreover, he hoped that the new Thai government that is in the process of forming will continue supportive renewable energy plan and issue some active policies toward renewable energy that will be positive to the market.

Michael viewed that Thailand is the most prospective market for solar PV and ESS in SEA, followed by Singapore, thanks to factors such as political and economic stabilities. These two countries have significantly invested in the renewable energy and the new technology like the ESS and electric car and charging station. They are also expected to pioneer the investment in future energy such as the hydrogen fuel. Others countries like Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam are following while Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar would take sometimes to develop renewable energy system.

“We insist to keep bringing new technologies to Thailand to make energy efficiency better and cost lower. We will contribute our effort to the Thai market to provide the clean power for all and to support long term power security and sustainability in Thailand,” Michael said.

Sungrow’s R&D plays a crucial role in persistent commencing new products to the solar and ESS markets every year, Michael said. The newest Sungrow’s inverter technology is 1+X Modular Inverter. Tailored to the utility-scale PV plants, 1+X Modular Inverter can be configured up to 8.8 MW with 1.1 MW modular capacity and one MPPT for each unit, making the plant design unprecedentedly flexible. The inverter redefines both the “string” and “central” inverter concept and represents a ground-breaking innovation which will shape the future of energy and offering more possibilities for different stakeholders

“1+X Modular Inverter model is suitable for different sizes of solar projects, from the small to the utility size. Operators can save cost for the investment while make it easy for management,” Michael pointed out.

For ESS products, Michael unveiled that Sungrow is promoting its latest innovative Liquid Cooling Energy Storage System PowerTitan Series which can make the energy lose lower than traditional cooling system and the intelligent liquid cooling ensures higher efficiency and longer battery cycle life. Moreover, it generates low cost due to its highly integrated ESS for easy transportation and O&M and all pre-assembling that means no battery module handling on site and only 8 hours installation to commission intake. It is also safe and reliable, with integrated DC/DC converters actively limit fault current.

“We already signed to ship a total 9 GWh PowerTitan globally,” Michael said.

Sungrow held recently in Bangkok, Thailand, a forum entitled “Empower the zero-carbon world Sungrow Thailand Future Energy Summit” that allowed participants to learn about Sungrow’s business and its roadmap to a clean future. Also at the event, some important organizations including the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and Thailand’s Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) have presented about their plans and their future projects as well as what they have already done for the solar and the ESS businesses including their path toward renewable energy.