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B.Grimm Power PCL (BGRIM) on 27 April got the approval from shareholders to extend the limit of the amount of debentures issuance within 5 years (2022-2026) to 100 billion baht. The approval from the 2022 annual general meeting of shareholders held online will prepare BGRIM financially to support its business expansion and capturing forthcoming investment opportunities.

Dr. Harald Link, President of BGRIM

Dr. Harald Link, President of BGRIM, noted that debenture is one of the several instruments for financial management BGRIM has effectively used.

Among them are issuing equity instruments, using assets or subsidiaries to raise funds through various means such as listing on the Stock Exchange and establishing infrastructure funds.

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“BGRIM is well prepared financially, maintaining a strong financial foundation and adopting proper financial management in terms of liabilities and equity along with achieving the targeted installed capacity of 7,200 megawatts by 2025 and further to 10,000 megawatts by 2030,” Dr. Link said.

He added that BGRIM is working strenuously to expand its investment in renewable energy, including solar energy, hydropower, wind energy and energy storage systems (ESS).

Sustainable generation of electricity from clean energy under a long-term power sale agreement in Thailand and abroad has been at the forefront of BGRIM’s business strategies.

BGRIM aims to increase its power generation investment internationally over the next five years to 15 countries from 7 countries at the present.

The company is determined to achieve Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050.

Meanwhile, BGRIM shareholders resolved to allocate the profit earned from the year 2021 operation as a legal reserve and paying 0.27 baht per share in dividends for operations in the second half of 2021.

When combined with the interim dividends paid in 2021, amounted to 0.15 baht per share, the overall annual dividend payment for 2021 is 0.42 baht per shares, totalling 1,094.90 million baht, to be paid on 12 May 2022.

The meeting also endorsed the election of three directors to replace those retiring by rotation.

They are Dr. Link as Director, President and Director who is authorised with contractual bindings; Khunying Suchada Kiranan as Independent Director, Chairperson of Independent Committee, Director of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee; and Mrs. Anchalee Chawanich as Independent Director, Chairperson of the Audit Committee and Member of the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee.

The meeting resolved to re-elect them as directors for another term.

BGRIM continues to strive to energise the global society by its “Empowering the World Compassionately” mission by adhering to the principles of generosity in business to create value for society.

“Our entry to each country is marked by being friendly to the society, helping their society and the environment, and being part of the society. This will strengthen BGRIM’s S-Curve, meaning which every country we enter, we can expand and grow sustainably,” said Dr. Link.


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